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Here you will find information about Physical Education class,
PE Policies, Grading, & Classroom Expectations

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Why is Physical Education Important?

Here are some main goals of Physical Education:

  • To improve physical fitness
  • To shape positive attitudes towards physical activity
  • To give children the skills they need to enjoy different physical activities
  • And to help them understand the importance of regular exercise and the connection between physical health and general well-being

The benefits of Physical Education are many:

Increase Physical Fitness:  Fitness includes cardiovascular endurance, as well as strength, flexibility, and coordination.  According to a 1995 American Heart Association report,children 5 years and older should have 30 minutes a day of at least moderate physical activity at least 3 times a week

Increased Attention and Improved Mood:  Many studies show that moderate to vigorous exercise improves attention, both in children and adults.  Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are typically less “hyper” in class if they have regular physical exercise. Regular exercise is a safe and effective treatment for mild degrees of depression,and it also seems to boost the mood of people who aren’t depressed.

A Sampling of Activities:  Exposure to a variety of different physical activities helps children discover the activities that most appeal to them.  With increasing coordination and endurance, they tend to enjoy the activities even more, and are more likely to continue regular  activity.

Social Skills:  Children learn sportsmanship, teamwork, and tolerance for otherswho may not be as skilled as they are.

Self-Esteem:  For children who have academic difficulties or learning disabilities, physical education provides an opportunity to excel.  This is important in many areas, including tackling tough academic tasks.

Self-Expression:  For many children, vigorous, skillful physical activity provides an important avenue for self-expression.  While some children drawpictures or write in their diaries, others find an outlet for powerful emotionsin more physical ways.  Children benefit greatly from a P.E. teacher or coaches who understands this emotional side of physical activity and sports, and who forms a supportive relationship with the child.



Physical Education Policies

Washington-Caldwell School

Dear Parents of Washington Students,

Physical Education at Washington-Caldwell is scheduled twice each weekfor students in 5th-8th grade(s):

Physical Education is a participation/performance class.  Therefore,it is important that your son/daughter be actively involved in classroom activities.  We want you to be aware of some important policies pertainingto Physical Education at Washington-Caldwell School.

1.  Students MUST have appropriate gym clothing for class.  This consists of shorts, or       sweats, T-shirt, or sweatshirt, clean socks and tennis shoes.  Students will need warm clothing for outdoor participation in fall & spring, or they will participate without it!

2.  Because this is a participation class, we allow one excuse per quarter.

3.  MEDICAL EXCUSES:  No one will be excused from P.E.unless they obtain a Medical excuse from a doctor.  The doctor’s statement should indicate how long the excuse is for and/or what activities the student may or may not participate in.  If a student is excused from P.E. class due to a illness or medical condition, the student WILL NOT/CANNOT participate in any games at recess or after school games/practices.  Any student who is sick while at school will let office/or teacher know before they come to P.E. class.

4.  ILLNESS:  On any given day, students who are not feeling well will not be excused for that day unless they have a note for that day from their parents.  It is our opinion that any illness or injurylasting for more than one week should be evaluated by a doctor.

5.  If your son/daughter has a medical condition which restricts their participation in any way (I.e. asthma, heart problems), please have your physician fill out a medical form so that we take special considerations for class activities.


  •  We do not give homework in P.E. very often, therefore, what you do in class is the basis for your grade.  It is necessary to have your clothes for class or you will not receive full credit for class time.

  • Our P.E. uniform consists of:

A.   Students are encouraged to initial both their T-Shirt & shorts with a permanent marker.  Bare midriffs, “Spandex”, tank & tube tops are notallowed at any time.  That means NO stomach or undergarments should be visible.  NO open back or see-through shirts.  NO mesh tops ether. NO JEWELRY will be worn in P.E class, this includes earnings. Sweatshirts are fine.

B.   Leggings or sweatpants are  fine.  All shorts must be worn on the waist area.

C.  Shoes.  All grade levels must wear tennis shoes or athletic shoes.  Shoes should provide proper ankle support & should not have a marking sole.  NO hiking boots, dress shoes, canvas shoes or slip-ons.  Also students should have clean white socks.


Your son daughter will be receiving a combination lock & locker.  Please stress to them the importance of locking up ALL valuables.  Although we will try to do everything in our power to return stolen/lost items, we can not stress how important it is to lock up ALL PERSONAL BELONGINGS.  The Lockeroom is not locked during class.  If something is stolen, we have NO WAY of knowing who wasin this area.  Lost P.E. clothes & valuables are the result ofstudents NOT locking their lockers.  DO NOT BLAME OTHERS FOR YOUR LOSS!  Students who lose their lock will be charged $7.00 to replace it.

Keep clothes locked in locker when in class.  DO NOT leaveyour clothes on the floor.

Students should NEVER share their combinations with other students.

Double check to make sure your locker is LOCKED.