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School Board

Welcome to the Washington-Caldwell School District Board of Education web page.  We hope you will find the pertinent information about the District for which you are looking.  Please feel free to call the school office or email the School Board members as needed.

Stacey Forkner,  President-  Term Ends 2023  - sforkne[email protected]

Kay Borgwardt, Vice-President  -  Term Ends 2025  -  kaybo[email protected]

Todd Galkowski, Clerk  -  Term Ends 2024   tgalkows[email protected]

Jim Filicetti, Treasurer, Term Ends 2023 - [email protected]

Tony Schopp, Director, Term Ends 2024 - [email protected]

The Washington-Caldwell Board of Education meets regularly on the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the School Library at Washington School, 8937 Big Bend Road.

Each meeting has a predetermined and posted meeting agenda.  This agenda is posted in the previous week's Waterford Post.  Each agenda allows for a public comment portion when citizens are allowed to address the School Board.  The Open Meetings law allows the Board to discuss, but not act upon, the items brought to their attention during this public input.  Items may be delegated to the district administrator for further investigation or the item may be held for the next board meeting and discussed as a formal item.

The School Board may call additional meetings as necessary in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings.

Public attendance and input are encouraged by the Board of Education.

Formal Board Meeting Minutes are recorded by the Board Secretary and are kept in the district office.

The Board holds an annual meeting, usually in September, in order to adopt the annual budget.

State law permits the Board to go into closed session only to discuss personnel matters, property acquisition, consult with attorneys, etc. These sessions must be posted and all action taken must conform to the requirements of the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law, Stat. 19.85.

Order of Business

The order of business at a regular meeting of the Washington-Caldwell Board of Education usually is as follows:

-  Call to Order
-  Closed Session, if necessary
-  Call back to Order
-  Approval of Agenda/Minutes*
-  Treasurer's Report
-  Written Communications
-  Reports
-  Old Business
-  New Business
-  Citizens and delegations
-  Adjournment

*At each monthly regular board meeting, the minutes of the prior meeting receive approval at which time they, and all attachments, become official and can be released for publication. (Wisconsin School Law 120.11(4))  Minutes are available at the school office.

The Board of Education

The Washington-Caldwell Board of Education consists of five community members elected by the citizens who reside within the district. Board members are elected and serve overlapping terms of 3 years. Board members receive a salary established at the District's Annual Meeting.

The School Board acts to establish policies that govern the operation of the Washington-Caldwell School District. It has final control over local school matters limited by the state legislature, the courts, and the will of the people as expressed in School District elections.

The Board of Education takes action on matters only in formal session with a quorum of members present. The Board President serves as the spokesperson for the School Board’s position on all items related to the public schools.

The Superintendent of Schools

The Board of Education is empowered to select the Superintendent of Schools as its chief executive officer to administer the operations of the schools. It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to recommend the appointment of all other personnel to the Board and bring reports and recommendations on the work of the School District to the Board.

School Board Committees

There are four standing committees of the School Board. The committees are: Strategic Planning, Safety and Security, Building and Grounds, and Curriculum and Technology. The makeup of each committee is determined by the School Board President. The President also determines the chairperson of each committee and serves as an ex officio member of the committees. Committee meetings are held monthly providing greater opportunities for in-depth study of programs and oversight work on items. State statutes require that each School Board committee meeting be posted in accordance with the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law, Stat. 19.85. Committee meetings of the Board of Education are open to the public. Periodically the Board may establish Ad Hoc committees for a specific task. These meetings are also posted in accordance with the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law.