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Mrs. Keuler- Math and Spelling

MAPS  Scores will be shown to parent/guardians at conferences.

Conferences next Wednesday, and Thursday
February 20th, 21st
Please sign up for a time slot if you haven't already.
If you are unable to come to conferences, please contact either of us to either set a conference up, and schedule a time to talk.

 3rd Grade-Please send a package of index cards if possible for math class.

We are in need of Glue Sticks:)

We do write quite a few notes in assignment notebooks. Students' assignments should be written in as well.

Math- Here is what we are working on...

3rd- Area and Perimeter of regular shapes and complex figures, multiplication and Division relationships, classifying polygons, quadrilaterals, regular polygons, types of triangles. Practice Flashcards when they come home:)
4th- Started a new fraction unit, learning about comparing fractions, parts of fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators
5th- Finished our geometry unit and started multiplying and dividing decimals

Make sure when word problems come home(Mondays and Wednesdays) your child highlights important information, shows work, and explains how they solved the problem, and why.

Spelling Lists can be found on my website.
Spelling Tests are every Friday or last day of the week. Look for lists that come home on Monday:)

Remember there are some fun websites to enhance your math skills.

Mrs. Keuler




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