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The Wisconsin DPI recently released School Report Card scores for public schools in the state.  Washington-Caldwell’s 2016-2017 School Report Card score was an 88.3 or “Significantly Exceeds Expectations.”  We moved up 2.7 points from our  score from the last report card!  How did we accomplish this improvement?   

1.  We are more focused on what we are doing at school each day.  We are more intentional in how we schedule academic teaching time.  
2.   We use M.A.P. testing that gives us additional data as to where our students are presently achieving and how we can assist students in improving performance.
3.   We are engaging students more by specifically doing a better job explaining the importance of standardized tests.  Whether we like it or not, standardized testing is a part of our lives.  (Some examples are, Forward Testing, PALS, AIMSweb, PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc.  Feel free to call me if you need an explanation as to what this alphabet soup means.).
4.  This effort is year-round and not just at standardized testing time.  
5.  Parent involvement is extremely important in student success.

This “School Report Card” is part of an accountability system that Wisconsin has established.  The purpose of the “School Report Card” is to give additional information as to how public schools in Wisconsin are doing in their efforts to help students grow.  

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 262-662-3466, ext. 166 or jsaltzmann@washcald.com.

I am very proud of the staff and students at Washington Caldwell.  

Jill Saltzmann
Superintendent/Principal - Washington Caldwell School District

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Located approximately five miles south of Interstate 43 on Highway 164, Washington School is a wonderful place for young people to learn and grow.  Small class size, along with very competent and caring teachers and staff, make our school a wonderful place to come to each day.  

Upon graduation from Washington School, students attend Waterford Union High School.  Our students have continued to excel in high school, as well as preparing for post-secondary options including college, technical school, military service, or the world of work.  We are proud of all of our students!